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Sila baca maklumat penting terutama berkaitan cara tempahan produk ZaFYaN Design. Bahagian F.A.Q juga boleh membantu anda.

Pastikan anda faham prosedur tersebut sebelum membuat tempahan.

Pihak ZaFYaN Design tidak akan bertanggungjawab ke atas sebarang kerugian yang pihak anda alami.

Sekian, terima kasih.

:: F.A.Q ::

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How do we order?
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Why is the need for “deposit” before we begin the artwork?
Although we have the templates, the process of gathering and fomulating ideas into visual images and designs take time and toil. If potential clients decide to terminate the order, by which time we have done part of the artwork we stand to loose time and effort – that is how the deposit helps to compensate our losses - not entirely enough though.

Why the surcharge?
To make sure that the rush order/emergency is completed in time, all other normal orders has to be put on hold so as to concentrate on the rush order. This situation could drive up the cost price on printing, labour and transport. These costs differ in every situation but it incure more than the normal. This is even more so when our rush orders put pressure on others to speed up their process.

Could clients asks for samples?
Not all products could be presented in samples. For cards (invitation cards, birthday cards, wedding cards etc) we could provide from previous jobs as samples or templates BUT prospective clients would have to certify their orders with a deposit as mentioned earlier. For handmade or personalised cards samples are subjected to a minimum fees of RM50.00( non-refundable).

Why do we levy fees for the samples?
We are committed always to giving quality products and a high standard of service to our clients and hence the fees for the samples. We could hope for the same degree of trust and commitment from our clients so as to safeguard the authenticity and the quality of our designs. It is a known fact that the costs of preparing a single sample is far more costly then the actual production

Could the colour of the visual image be a 100% exact to its printing?
No. This is the industrial discrepancies in the printing business where no two printing companies could get two different prints alike. There is no guarantee that the colours on print is a 100% exact.